Month by month, we obtain buttons that are particularly unusual or different in some way. They are special because of their sheer quality or eccentricity of design. In every way, they are buttons to admire and cherish - possessing that indefinable "wow!" factor. Prices range from £10-£100 depending on design and scarcity. Such buttons are difficult to find but easier to sell!


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#1: A very fine large size ivoroid, measuring 33 mm [or over 1.30"]. The design is called Flora and the Hind - see Big Book of Buttons p.479, plate 11. Priced at 35 GBP [$54.95].

#2: This unusual button dates from 1792 and has a heavy silver Carolus 4th coin, with supporting bar on the reverse. An early and unusual button, priced at 25.00 GBP. [$39.25].

#3: A very fine late 19th century gilt livery button in excellent condition. The design has three crests and a baron's coronet above shield with lion and unicorn supporters.  The button belongs to Baron Rothschild of Austria. The backmarks are "C. & J. Weldon, 130 Cheapside, London". The button is priced at 25.00 GBP [$39.25].

#4: A superb one-piece brass realistic, showing a fine three dimensional design of an opening flower bud. The button dates from about 1905 and is priced at 20.00 GBP [$31.40].

#5: This beautiful and scarce two-piece tinback button depicts a lion amongst rocks. The button dates from the late 19th century and measures 37 mm in diameter. Priced at £25.00 [$39.25].

#6: This very large pictorial tinback button has a design of a minstrel and cupid. The button is three-piece construction and measures a huge 47 mm. in diameter. Priced at £15.00 [$23.55].

#7: This exquisite one-piece button dates from about 1905 and shows the head of a lady in Art Nouveay style, with typical flowing hair and surrounding foliage. Priced sensibly at 25.00 GBP [$37.75].

#8: This huge one-piece brass button has a design of an Oriental Wedding, as shown in the Big Book of Buttons, p.237, no.4. Priced at 35.00 GBP [$54.95].

#9: This brass-mounted Edwardian lithograph will be missing from the majority of collections and shows a fast bowler delivering the ball. Condition is well used, but it remains a rare design. It is priced at 20.00 GBP [$31.40].

#10: This very elegant button consists of a black horn design of a stag standing in a landscape, mounted on a rich brown coloured base. Priced at a reasonable 25.00 GBP [$37.75].

#11: This .exquisite button dates from the mid-19th century. It is a scarce type of porcelain button called a Liverpool Transfer, and shows the Greek head of Athene set on a porcelain base. The diameter of the button is 22 mm. and would make an unusual addition to any collection. Priced svery ensibly at £25.00 [$37.75].

#12: This rather grisly design shows a hare and a pheasant hanging from a tree stump. It is of course a "sporting" button dating from about 1830 to 1850, with relevant backmarks of "Extra Rich Treble Standard"to denote a Golden Age button. It is priced at 20.00 GBP [$31.40]. .



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