How to Order Buttons
Golden Age Buttons

STAGE 1: If ordering uniform buttons, the easiest method is use "copy" and "paste" and send an e-mail to show which buttons you are ordering.

If ordering non-uniform buttons from the main menu, then tell us the scans you are ordering from - and the number shown next to the button.

It is helpful at this point to have name and address of buyers for sending buttons.

Golden Age Buttons

STAGE 2: We check availability and send you the final cost. We will ask you to confirm the purchase at this point. The final cost includes postage and packing - which is usually a nominal amount. Payment can be made by Paypal or by personal cheque.

Paypal is a very convenient way of paying for buttons and speeds up considerably the buying process - especially for overseas purchasers. We do not charge customers extra for Paypal payments.

Cheques cannot be accepted in non-sterling funds due to high bank charges.

Golden Age ButtonsSTAGE 3: Please check the buttons when they arrive. We operate a money-back system if you are not satisfied with them and - finally, of course - do enjoy the buttons!


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