Information on Uniform Buttons


There are several useful sources of information on uniform buttons. These include: "Button Lines", the magazine of the British Button Society [BL], Gwen Squires "Uniform Buttons: a Guide for Collectors" [GS], Hughes & Lester, "The Big Book of Buttons" [HL], the International Uniform Buttons Collectors Club: its docufiles [DOC] and newsletters [NL]. Each of our lists will also show specialised sources of information - where available. [TBC] means the identity needs to be confirmed.

Help in identifying such buttons or sharing source material is always appreciated.


Type of crown is important when dating certain uniform buttons. These are shown in the lists by the following abbreviations:
QVC Queen Victoria crown [pre-1902]
KC King's Crown [or Tudor Crown] [1902-1952]. Used by Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII and George VI.
QC Queen Elizabeth Crown [1952 on]



We have had to best-guess whether the material is brass, horn, vulcanite, nickel, chrome, or silver. I do not differentiate between "brass" and "gilt-brass" in the selling lists. To avoid confusion, horn and vulcanite issues are shown separately at the end of each list. We do not generally stock modern "staybrite" buttons.



Sizes are given in millimetres. A rough guide to sizes is:
Large Size: 21-28mm [0.8" - 1.1"]
Intermediate Size: 19-21mm [0.7" - 0.8"]
Medium Size: 17-19mm [0.6" - 0.7"]
Small Size: 12-17mm [0.5" - 0.6"]



To save space, I do not usually include backmarks in my button descriptions, particularly with more modern issues or when buttons of several manufacturers are in stock. Please ask if you need to know the backmarks on a specific button.


We do not sell buttons that are damaged. At the same time, older and scarcer buttons are more likely to show some sign of wear than more modern issues.


Prices are shown in pounds sterling, and payment can be made by cheque or Paypal.


Cost of postage is minimal and often below-cost, since we don't try to make profits from postage!


Send enquiries or orders to: Include a description of the buttons required. You may find using the "copy and paste" facility useful here. Please do not send payment until I have checked availability and can confirm with you the final total. Multiples of buttons are sometimes in stock, but please enquire before ordering.

We also buy buttons send your list with prices.

WHAT IF THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH THE ORDER? Buttons are checked carefully before sending but if any problem arises, then please return the buttons for a full refund.