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British Institutions: Their history and their buttons 

This is the first comparable account of the history of British Institutions, contained within a single book. The account describes the nature of "caring" institutions from the Roman Conquest until the present day. Brief summaries are included which also describe the history of individual institutions - as well as the buttons they used, and an approximate value of the buttons.

Books are currently available from the author at   The cost of the book is £20.00, plus inland postage of £4.50 and £6.50 for overseas postage. 

Yacht and Rowing Club Buttons of the British Isles,
1750 - 1950: Descriptions, Histories and Values.

This is the first detailed study of buttons used by British yacht and rowing clubs, covering a period of some two hundred years. The book will be of interest to members of yacht and boat clubs, as well as to collectors needing information on identity, age, and values of these early buttons. Descriptions and illustrations are included for nearly a hundred and eighty buttons, used by nearly a hundred and sixty clubs. The study gives brief histories of individual organisations, and includes many useful appendices for identifying and dating buttons. Many of the buttons are illustrated and described for the first time in print.

You can purchase it from LuLu or Amazon or directly from the author at .

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